Honors Biology

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Unit 1:  Biochemistry

Unit 2:  Cellular Theory

Chapters 13 & 14

How Populations Evolve;

The Origin of Species

Chapter 15a

Phylogeny and the Tree of Life

Chapter 15b

Tracing Evolutionary History

Unit 3:  Evolution

Unit 4:  Genetics

Unit 5:  Ecology

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Patterns of Inheritance

Chapter 10

Molecular Biology of the Gene

Chapters 34 & 37

The Biosphere and Ecosystems

Chapters 36 - 38

Populations & Communities; Conservation Biology

Chapter 35

Behavioral Adaptations

to the Environment

Chapter 4

A Tour of the Cell

Chapter 5a

The Working Cell

Chapters 5b - 7

Cellular Energetics

Chapter 1

Exploring Life

Chapter 2

The Chemical Basis of Life

Chapter 3

The Molecules of Cells